What are the items that make Episode stand out of other internet games?

Episode can be a fascinating blend of the visual novel and teenage life simulation game, which permits you to learn more about the depth of play, unshared really like, intimate dating, back stabbing and much more. Using Episode, created for mobile platforms (like Android), you also can forge your love drama.


Episode features tens of thousands of working scenarios: several were compiled from the studio and other from the enthusiast episode gems hack. The most Well-known ones are:

I wed a prince. You, as a kid of a exact commendable and old family members, were promised into the heir for the throne because of his future spouse. Will the appreciate spark among you and him?

Bad Boy’s Lady. Your character has just had a crush Jay for several years today. But most of a sudden his half-brother yields from another city and joins the class. What twist will the narrative simply take from this point?

Started with a lie. Falling inlove and exploring a murder puzzle bizarrely intertwine, though press follows you wherever you’re gone.

It began with a Bra. It ‘d better be explored personally.

In Episode game you’re offered whole freedom of inspecting appearances of both your avatar along with your crush. Skin-color & elegance, hairstyle, clothing products, construct & physique, facial attributes – design the interest of your fantasy!

The moment the character type is finished, you will get straight into the action and live throughout each situation you want. Exercise trashtalking, compete over your crush’s interest, make pals and show the authentic shades of those who overpower you… Every choice in Episode can impact the outcome of the total story one manner or another. That means you may replay them until all of the endings potential are successfully unlocked.

Besides you can be a author/director in this game also. Concoct a plot, make characters with unique personalities. Throw in this cocktail a strange storyline with a couple of unexpected twists. And naturally don’t miss the X-factor, that is likely to make this wild mix burst – romance.

Once your scenario remains glistening and complete, you’re able to reveal it online with all the supporter network: approximately a hundred million men and women enjoy Episode’s testimonies.


Episode is technically a collection of interactive picture books. And its own 2 d art-style is really decent and amazing. It’s a tinge of gloss and glamour, which are very essential from the drama/love experiences, including youngsters. Cut-scenes and dialogues are absolutely smooth and also don ‘t quite stutter and general Episode looks and seems very solid.


The game doesn’t call for too a lot of frequent expressions from you personally. Just pick a phrase you desire your character to state , do swiping/tapping whenever trying a new outfit/hairstyle out and you’ll be useful. Other than which you’re maybe not involved directly in the game’s actions.